About Us

In January 2016, Katena Products, Inc., a global-leader in specialty surgical and consumable ophthalmic products, acquired Sensor Medical Technology.

Sensor Medical Technology, founded in 2006, is a global medical device company committed to providing innovative diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical optics. Sensor Medical’s team of PhDs and clinicians worked for more than a decade on revolutionary manufacturing techniques that allow high quality medical optics to be offered at very low cost. The optical design and manufacture of Sensor Medical Technology products are covered by multiple issued and pending patents.

Katena manufactures and markets an extensive line of surgical instruments, biologics and medical devices to physician offices, hospitals, and surgical centers through a USA sales force. Katena products are also sold in over 110 countries world-wide through an extensive distributor network. Sensor Medical products will join the Katena sales channel both in the USA and global markets.

Katena Products, Inc. and its parent company Katena Holdings, are owned by Audax Group, a Boston-based firm. Audax Group is a leading investor in middle market companies, which currently manages over $9.0 billion of assets through our private equity, mezzanine debt, and private senior debt businesses.